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Ambient Information Processing GmbH
Environmental Monitoring - Data Collection - Automation


The most complete solution to run your monitoring network
UBIS4 is the optimal system to run your monitoring network reliable and cost efficient.
To the UBIS4 demo system
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Smart complemental computer
  • strip chart recordef
  • protocol converter
  • digital signage
  • aquisition and monitoring system
Available in different variants:
  • standalone with metal case
  • standalone with display
  • mounting kit for IOX
  • front display für IOX
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Protocol for measurement data transfer
Developed by AIP, UIDEP (Universal Immission Data Exchange Protocol) is based on the web standards HTTP and JSON and is used to transfer measured values on many tiers: The UIDEP specifikation ist freely available. Download UIDEP specification


Aquisition and monitoring system
  • remote confiuration from UBIS4
  • interface monitoring
  • UDAP integration
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About us

Founded in 2017 as a successor of the company "AIP Dipl. Ing. Alfred Jakob", Ambient Information Processing GmbH is specialised on the development and distribution of IT solutions for the operation of monitoring networks in the environment protection sector.

Many regional authorities, as well as industrial enterprises and laboratories running monitoring networks, rely on AIP's expertise.


Contact / legal information

Ambient Information Processing GmbH
Grundsteingasse 40 Top 19
A-1160 Wien

Tel. +43 (1) 408 35 57
Email postbox@a-i-p.com

Firmenbuchnr: FN 472306 v
UID: ATU72295848
CEO: Ing. Herbert Ehm
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