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Ambient Information Processing GmbH
Environmental Monitoring - Data Collection - Automation

Strip Chart Recorder

Equipped with a memory card and an USB stick, the UDAP can keep the measured 5-second values of a station for a long period. Those values are automatically compressed and transfered to the centre, where they can be used for many purposes:
built-in version

Built-in Version

This version of the UDAP fits into the back of a 19" IOX. This safes space in the monitoring station and helps to prevent cable clutter.
digital signage

Digital Signage

Connected to a TV set, monitor or projector over HDMI, the UDAP provides the presentation of measured values and other information.
standalone version

Standalone Version

The standalone version is equipped with a robust metal case and is used when the installation of the built-in version is not suitable.
udapAMS Standalone-Version

Aquisition and monitoring system

In certain use cases, the UDAP can be used as an inexpensive aquisition and monitoring system. The prerequisite is that at most one serial port and four analog interfaces are required.

State-of-the-art Technology

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
protocol converter

Protocol Converter

Used as a protocol converter, the UDAP reads internal parameters of an analyzer in the vendor specific protocol and provides that data to the auquisition and monitoring system in the standardized Bavaria-Hessia-Protocol. There are two uses cases for that: The protocol converter currently supports these analyzer types:


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