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Perfect cooperation with UBIS4

The main tasks of every aquisition and monitoring system are: UBIS4 works with aquisition and monitoring systems of several vendors, but only the combination with an IOX provides the maximum of functions:
19 inch IOX

19" IOX

The 19" IOX offers a maximum of interfaces and is suitable for assembly in a 19" rack.
Compared to the Micro-IOX it offers a front display (optional), more interfaces and space for UDAP integration.


Smaller and more affordable than the 19" IOX, the Micro-IOX is still suitable for many use cases. Like its bigger brother, the Micro-IOX also cooperates perfectly with UBIS4. Download data sheet

About the IOX

The IOX ("IO-Expander") was developed by company GEMI; since 2017 company Horiba produces it. AIP has always worked together with the vendor to make sure that the IOX provides all the features required by UBIS users. Therefore, the IOX provided by AIP has a "AIP by Horiba" front plate.

Please find more technical information about the IOX at Horiba's product page.


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